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2016.12.28 17:34

SBIG STX backfocus

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니콘: 46.5mm
캐논EOS: 44mm
미놀타AF: 44.5mm
Pentax 6x7                bayonet                            84.95  (74.10?)

ST10 = 0.66" = 16.8mm 
CFW8a = 1.004" = 25.5mm
CFW10 = 0.6" = 15mm

ST10 + cfw8a = 42.3mm

STL (라지포맷, 필터휠내장) = 1.47" = 37.3mm (Sbig 3MM FILTER사용시)
-첨부파일은 STL의 치수가 나와있는 도면입니다.

종류 거리(mm) 
Canon FD 42.0 
Canon EOS 44.0 
Yashica Contax 45.5 
Nikon F 46.5 
Leica R 47.0 

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Camera mounts & registers 


CAMERA SYSTEM                MOUNT TYPE                        REGISTER

Aaton                        bayonet(?)                          40.00
Alpa                        bayonet                                  37.80
Argus                        bayonet                                  44.45
Arriflex                bayonet                                  52.00

Bolex                        breech                                  23.22
Bolex H8RX                1" x 32tpi thread                  15.31
Bronica S2A                bayonet & 57x1 thread                 101.70
Bronica ETRS                
Bronica GS1

Compur 00                rear outer: 25x0.5
                        front inner: 22.5x0.5
                        rear inner:

Compur 0                rear outer: 32.5x0.5
                        front inner: 29.5x0.5
                        rear inner: 29.5x0.5

Compur 1                rear outer: 39x0.75
                        front inner: 40x0.75
                        rear inner: 36x0.75

Compur 3                rear outer: 62x0.75
                        front inner: 58x0.75
                        rear inner: 58x0.75

Compur 5                rear outer: 92x0.75
                        front inner: 86x0.75
                        rear inner: 86x0.75

C-mount                        1" x 32tpi thread                  17.526 (0.69")
C-S mount                1" x 32tpi thread                  12.50        
[also known as "1-32 UN 2A"]

Canon EOS                bayonet                                  44.00
Canon EX1/2 VL                bayonet                                  20.00
Canon R/FL/FD                breech or bayonet                  42.00
Canon screw                M39x1 thread                          28.80
Contarex                                                  46.00
Contax RF                                                  34.85                
Contax/Yashica                bayonet                                  45.50
Contax G1                bayonet                                  29.00

D-mount                        0.625" x 32tpi                          12.29

Eclair                        bayonet                                  48.00
Exakta/Topcon                bayonet                                  44.70
Exacta 66                breech lock                          74.10
Edixa-Rex                bayonet                           53.00 

Hasselblad/Kiev88        multi start thread                  82.10
Hasselblad 500/2000        bayonet                                  74.90

Icarex                        breech lock                          48.00
(Icarex 35/35S/SL-706                                            45.50?)

K-mount                 bayonet                                  45.46
Kilarflex                                                   92.30
Kilarscope                                                  78.80
Kiev 60/Kiev Six        breech lock                          74.10
Kiev 88                        multi start thread                   82.10
Kowa Six/Super 66        breech lock                          79.00
Konica AR                bayonet                                  40.70
Konica F                bayonet                                  40.50
Konica RF Hexar                screw                                  27.95

Leica M                        bayonet                                  27.95 (27.80?)
Leica R                        bayonet                                  47.00
Leica screw                M39x26tpi                          28.80
Leitz Visoflex I        M39x26tpi                           62.50  (91.30 total)
(both are sometimes mistaken for M39 x 1mm, a tiny difference, but enough to cause problems with some non-Leica M39 lenses)
Leitz Visoflex II, III        Leica M bayonet                           40.00  (68.80 total)

M42 screw                M42x1 thread                          45.46
Mamiya 645                bayonet                                  63.30
Mamiya RB                bayonet                                 112.00
Mamiya RZ                bayonet                                 105.00
Minolta AF                bayonet                                  44.50
Minolta MD                bayonet                                  43.50
Miranda        dual BM/SM        bayonet/M42x1 thread                  41.50
Miranda Laborec                bayonet/M42x1 thread                  41.50
Miranda Laborec -        M46x1 thread                          41.50
           dual BM/SM

Narcissus                M24x1 thread                          28.80
Nikon                        bayonet                                  46.50
Novoflex                                                 100.00

Olympus OM                bayonet                                  46.00
Olympus Pen F                bayonet                                  28.95
Olympus E1                bayonet                                  38.67
(aka 4/3 or four/thirds)

Paxette                        M39x1 thread                          44.00
Pentacon 6                breech lock                          74.10 
Pentax 6x7                bayonet                            84.95  (74.10?)
Pentax 645                bayonet                                  70.87
Pentax/Practica                M42x1 thread                          45.46 (add film thickness, and get 45.50mm....;))
Practica bayonet
Practiflex                M40x1 thread                          45.50(?)        
Petriflex                breech lock                          43.50
Praktina                breech lock                          50.00

Rectaflex                                                  43.40
Ricoh                        breach mount                          45.50
RMS                        0.800" x 36tpi thread          
Rolleiflex SL35                bayonet                                  44.60
Rolleiflex SL66                bayonet                                 102.80
Rollei 6008
Rollei 6008 shutter-adapter                                  31.68

Schneider                M26x0.5                        

T2 mount                M42x0.75                          55.00
Topcon IC1                bayonet                                  55.00

Voigtlander Bessamatic                                          44.70

Wrayflex                M41.2 x 26tpi                          42.05

Zeiss Ikon Flektoskop/F'meter                                  84.50  (119.35 total)
Zeiss Ikon Panflex                                          64.50          (99.35 total)
Zenith 3M                M39x1 thread                          45.46
Zenit 80                multi start thread                  74.10

Microscopic lenses         W 0.8" x 1/36"        [36tpi]        

Tripod mount                1/4" x 20tpi [aka UNC 1/4"]
                        3/8" x 16tpi [aka UNC 3/8"]

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